Private / Corporate Boat Tours Weymouth

Experience Weymouth’s Award Winning Rib Charter

Weymouth’s Best Boat Tour Operator! Providing A Fun-Filled Family, Boat Ride Adventure

Our rib charter service is designed to offer a unique experience, which makes it perfect for private groups. If you are looking to impress new clients or want to give your employees a reward for their performance, we can ensure that we take care of it all.

Heading out onto the water is just the beginning because our rib charter will give all passengers the perfect ride.

We are highly-experienced and skilled which means that we know how to respect the sea but also show off this wonderful coastline in all its glory. You can choose your activities, relax and enjoy the journey from start to finish. Whatever you have planned for the day, we are confident that our rib charters will really set the tone.

Please contact us here for any bespoke package or times and we will be very happy to arrange your trip with safety at the most priority.