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Stag Parties

We understand that when it comes to stag parties, everyone wants to explore something fast-paced and unique. After all, it’s about creating memories and ensuring the stag has a great send-off! Our rib charter in Weymouth is designed to give you the opportunity to experience that adrenaline rush of hitting the waves at 40mph.

Who said a stag party has to take place on land? We guarantee that the exhilaration of exploring the Weymouth and Dorset coast at a rapid rate is going to really set the tone for your trip. Whether the sea is as still as a millpond or the waves are up, we guarantee that you’re going to experience something completely mesmerising.

Our expert charter service will whisk you along the coast but this is a sightseeing trip with a difference. Sure, you’ll be able to take in the wonderful coastline but we know you’re not here for that! Therefore, our skippers will really get your stag party revved up by getting things wet and wild!

Strap yourselves in and feel the roar of the engine and the wind in your hair because this is going to be one of those trips of a lifetime! Want a stag that really makes waves? Look no further!

Hen Parties

There are Hen Party activities and then there is our Hen Party activity! While many Hen Parties will look to make cocktails or follow other usual traditions, we are mixing things up with our Rib Charter in Dorset. You don’t have to play things safe and give the Hen an easy life during your trip away. Book yourself onto one of our tours and prepare yourself for a rip-roaring ride across the waves!

Hitting speeds of up to 40mph, you’re going to be left breathless and that guarantees that the Hen is going to have a Hen Party to remember. Of course, you can plan things how you want, so if you want to take a slower pace and explore the coastline then we can make that possible but we have all of that power for a reason!

Let us blast you across the ocean, regardless of whether the sea is smooth or rough, we will ensure that we give you a journey along the Dorset coastline like no other. Our expert skippers have a vast amount of experience on the waves which means you’re always in safe hands, so it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Don’t play things safe, book a bay blast and let us give you the best 20 minutes of your life!

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